Saturday, July 10, 2010

I only had to move 8,300 miles away...

to buy my first car!

That's right, I'm the proud new owner of the ruggedest, manliest, off-road-readiest vehicle you have ever seen: a sky blue 2-door, 2-wheel drive, automatic Toyota Rav-4 from probably 1997 or so.

Note in the background Kate's matching new vehicle. We have His & Hers cars. Yet somehow, she wound up with the far manlier iteration (4-wheel-drive, stick-shift, roof racks, more bumper guards than are actually useful, front rally light thingies...). Yeah whatever, Kate.

**Note for parents: vehicle was not in motion when this photograph was taken

Actually managed to drive to work without hitting anybody!
Quite impressed with myself.

Between driving on the wrong side of the road (and in the wrong side of the car), the omnipresent potholes and the spastically malignant (other) drivers, driving here is seriously like a video game.... somewhere between Frogger (but I play the cars rather than the frog) and PacMan (except you want to avoid the pothole-dots AND the semi-truck ghosts).

Wish me luck!


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*Note to parents: vehicle was in motion when this photograph was taken. But come on, how could I not?